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Helix Blockchain Event

Etkinlik Detayları

Dimitrii Zhelezov, PhD from the technical team of Helix Platform will share detailed information about the Helix Platform. What is Helix Platform?: By using a next-generation peer-to-peer digital exchange network, based on its own distributed ledger – the HelixTangle, the HelixMesh Protocol and a native currency – the HLX coin, Helix has been developing a new digital ecosystem with strategic focus on cutting-edge technologies based on decentralized distributed systems and cognitive computing.

The primary use case of Helix is to provide a decentralized network infrastructure for computing resources, with a focus on edge computing and IoT devices.

Services are also being developed by interested third-parties and may include but do not restrict to:

- Financial Services
- Manufacturing
- Public Services
- Automotive Services
- Healthcare/Life Sciences
- Legal advices
- Education
- Software Development
- Tech Industry
- Research Institutes