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2018 Istanbul as a Blockchain Hub

September 24, 2018, Monday, 18:30- 20:00, B301 at Bahcesehir University

Onur Solmaz is an applied mathematician and software engineer. After getting his Master's degree in Germany, he went back to Turkey to start a PhD, but soon quit to study and build projects in crypto. He has been and still doing research at Breakpoint Labs, reverse engineering smart contracts and studying cryptoeconomic systems.

Onur Solmaz uygulamalı matematikçi ve yazılım mühendisidir. Yüksek lisansını Almanya'da tamamladıktan sonra doktoraya başlamak için Türkiye'ye dönmüş, fakat bir süre sonra kriptoda çalışmak ve projeler üretmek için bırakmıştır. An itibariyle Breakpoint Labs'de araştırma yapmakta, smart kontratları deşifre etmekte, ve kriptoekonomik sistemleri incelemektedir.

Tarik Moon, CTO of Covalent, is a Harvard trained mathematician and computer scientist. His previous experience includes working for eBay, Goldman Sachs. He was a founding team member of Entertainment Data Oracle, a silicon valley based data analytics company aimed at movie and TV industry. He won Bronze medal for Bangladesh in International Mathematical Olympiad in 2010.

COVA (Covalent.ai) description:

Covalent is a smart policy protocol that is leveraging blockchain, threshold cryptography, and verifiable trusted computation to develop a database protocol of usage policy carrying data. Right now, data is mindless, exposed, and abused. Imagine a new internet composed of Smart Data that remembers, keeps a secret, learns from its users, is open for good. Covalent protocol contributes to the making of this new internet.

Eray is an Industrial Engineer with 4 years of experience in product development. He has worked for a series of leading startups, namely, Peak Games, Hepsiburada.com, Next Ventures, Borda Technology, as well as co-founding Zoom, a peer-to-peer money transfer startup. Eray, also has participated in non-profit work at Young Guru Academy to help visually impaired people and worked as a product manager at ininal that is Turkey’s ultimate banking supervision authority, Banking Regulation, and Supervision Agency.

Bora Erdamar is the founder and director of BlockchainIST Center which is the first University R&D center on Blockchain Technology in Turkey. He is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Bahçeşehir University and also the coordinator of Fintech Masters Program and the founder & director of BAU Experimental Economics Lab.

After completing his PhD in Economics (with highest honor) at Ecole Polytechnique, he visited Columbia University, Paris School of Economics, Higher School of Economics and University of Rochester for post-doctoral studies. His research interests are Political Economy, Game Theory, Blockchain Technology, Experimental Economics and Mechanism Design Theory.

Bora Erdamar, Turkiye'de üniversite bünyesinde kurulan ilk Blockchain Araştırma Merkezi olan "BlockchainIST Center"ın kurucu direktörüdür. Aynı zamanda, Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Ekonomi Bölümü'nde öğretim üyesi, Fintech Yüksek Lisans Programı Koordinatörü ve Deneysel Ekonomi Laboratuarı kurucu direktörü olarak çalışmalarını sürdürmektedir.

Bora Erdamar doktorasını Ecole Polytechnique'de Ekonomi alanında yüksek onur derecesi ile tamamladıktan sonra, Columbia Universitesi, Paris School of Economics, Higher School of Economics ve Rochester Universtiesi'nde doktora sonrası araştırmalarda bulunmuştur. Araştırma alanları, Politik Ekonomi, Oyun Teorisi, Blockchain Teknolojisi, Deneysel Ekonomi ve Mekanizma Tasarımı Teorisi'dir.