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  • 09.01.2020

AvaLabs & Turkey’s BlockchainIST Center to Build Products for Everyday Use Ava Labs, just before launching its mainnet, has collaborated with BlockchainIST Center in Turkey to develop blockchain technology based products for everyday use. BlockchainIST, the country’s first university blockchain center, has collaborated with Cornell University’s Emin Gün Sirer’s Ava Labs to build DeFi products on the Ava Platform. The information was shared with the press at Bahcesehir University in İstanbul, Turkey. BlockchainIST Founder and Director Bora Erdamar stated that Bahçeşehir University postgraduates and Istanbul Blockchain School students required robust consensus architecture to build DeFi and other blockchain based tools, and Ava Platform is most ideal for the objective. “Our partnership with Ava Labs enables us to develop projects like CertifyIST at a faster pace, and to create and support a robust environment where people can use these products as part of their daily life.” BlockchainIST disclosed numerous blockchain ventures during the press meeting. One among them was CertifyIST, “an open-source blockchain infrastructure for issuing, verifying, and sharing documents of achievements such as school degrees.” Ava Labs’ platform provides a quicker, easily accessible and scalable path to finish blockchain powered ventures, Erdamar said.

Kaynak : https://www.cointrust.com/news/avalabs-turkeys-blockchainist-center-to-build-products-for-everyday-use