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"BAU Blockchain and Innovation Center of Istanbul" or "BlockchainIST" is the first university research and development center in Turkey for Blockchain Technology, hosted by Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul.


"BlockchainIST Center" aims to educate anyone who is interested in Blockchain Technology, and raise the new generations of BlockchainISTs. Currently, the most important need for the Blockchain Technology is the human capital, in particular Blockchain developers. As "BlockchainIST Center", we are well aware that being a center for a decentralized technology means becoming a "serving node in the network" by creating knowledge and connecting people with this vision.



CertifyIST is an open-source Blockchain infrastructure for issuing, verifying and sharing documents of achievements such as school degrees, certificates and transcripts. CertifyIST Project and its application enables students to keep track of all their valuable education and training documents.

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Istanbul Blockchain School

Funded by Istanbul Development Agency and delivered in association with Habitat Association. The scope of the project is Curriculum Development, Content Development (On-line and Off-line) and Training (Literacy Trainings, Specialist Trainings, Mentor Trainings)

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BTP - Blockchain Trade Platform

The Project aims to create a global single window on international trade, that offers end-to-end visibility in a supply chain and digitises traditional trade documentation. The goal is immutable, transparent, trusted and paperless international trade.

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Blockchain is essentially a data structure that makes it possible to create a digital ledger of data and share it among a network of independent parties. Securing this database with cryptography and by using a decentralized, anonymous, transparent and append-only value-exchange protocol, Blockchain Technology is changing the world in terms of political and financial institutions, business models and revolutionizing the ways we produce, trade and exchange.


Applications of Blockchain Technology varies from Finance, Energy, Health, Logistics, Education, Supply chains, Law, Farming, Insurance to Governance, Sociology, Economics and Politics. "BlockchainIST Center" helps ideas grow and scale up to viable new business. We offer a state-of-the-art environment for executive teams to explore the latest thinking, industry research and cutting-edge technology—and put that knowledge into action immediately.


As a unique feature of "BlockchainIST Center", in cooperation with BAU Experimental Economics Lab, we test what we design in a laboratory environment with real users. Experimental Economics, Behavioral Finance and Game Theory literature emphasize that for any mechanism design approach, incentives of individuals matter the most. Moreover, individuals are "Boundedly Rational". Any mechanism not taking cognitive biases of individuals into consideration would not work in implementation as expected.


"BlockchainIST Center", with the team of experts around world, serves the Blockchain Technology community by R&D, product designs and tests. If you want to be a partner for BlockchainIST Projects or need consultance for your own projects including product design, whitepaper and tests you can CONTACT US.

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